About & Acting Resume

Masters degree in Fine Arts: Writing for Performance, Publication and Media attained at the University of Leeds. 2:1 (Hones) Bachelors degree in Theatre, Film and Television attained at Brunel University London and a Distinction Diploma in Acting for Film from The New York Film Academy.

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Falling in love in New York,                     Lead                               NYFA Student Film                  Abigail Schwarz

Everything’s Gonna be fine                     Lead                                NYFA Student Film         Patrick X.Liu

Holding on and letting go                        Lead                                NYFA student Film         Camille Braye


Death comes to Pemberley                  Supporting Actor             Origin Pictures              Daniel Percival

National Treasure                                  Supporting Actor             Channel 4                            Jack Thorne

Grilfriends                                               Shopper                              ITV                                        Kay Mellor

Outlasters                                                 Kate                                     Lost Chapter Studios

Emmerdale                                              Supporting Actor              ITV Stuidos.

No Offence                                               Supporting Actor              Channel 4


New York Film Academy, 1-year conservatory program.

Acting Technique                                     Rico Rosetti

Auditioning Technique                           Thom Rivera

Speech                                                        Fajer Al Kaisi

Voice and Movement                              Corey Allen

Acting for Film                                         Cathy Kurtiss

Meisner                                                      James Price

Text Analysis                                             Marta Rainer

Film Craft: Editing                                    Shawn Sullivan

Shakespeare                                              David Vando

Performance Analysis                             Ed Wilkinson

Improvisation                                           Suzanne Henver

Combat for Film                                       Dan Brushka

Scene Study                                               Bela Gru

Acting for TV                                             Maggie Reed

Business of Acting                                    Thom Rivera

Film Craft: Cinematography                   Arsenio Assin

2:1 BA (Hons) Degree in Theatre, Film and Television Studies, from Brunel University.

New Hollywood, Independent and Comedy Cinema – Geoff King.

Screen Writing, New Writing – Fiona Templeton.

Theatre Perspectives, Physical Theatre and History – Mary Richards.

Special Skills:                                                                                                                              

MOOC writing course from The University of Iowa, Social and Cultural Identities in Fiction and non-Fiction.

MOOC writing course from The University of Iowa, writing for Poetry and Plays.

Singing (Stage/alto/soprano) Instruments (Piano)

Certified Archer – experience in Sword Fighting.

Accents/Dialects (Queens English, Cockney, Yorkshire, Scottish, Southern Irish, Standard American, Southern American and French)