Magic Mike Live ★★★★★

Magic Mike Two

Magic Mike – Sexually fantastic, fruitfully freeing and all around body glory.

Magic Mike is the hit show created by the Dancer, Actor Channing Tatum, or as Danny McBride says in the film This is The End “Channing Tat-Yum”. His hit show in Vegas is currently running at the Hippodrome Casino in London and we hope it stays for a long, long, long, looong time.

The movie’s star Channing Tatum – whose IRL undressing escapades originally informed the film’s plot – is behind this theatrical re imagining and has worked with a gender-balanced team and the sense that this is a safe space for women enshrouds the entire show, despite it being filled with semi-naked men. 

The plot is not by any means the strong suit of this show, and it is not meant to be. It loosely centres on Michelangelo – Mike to you – a waiter plucked from the crowd and trained in showing a woman a (consensual) good time by our female emcee, played by actor Sophie Linder-Lee. (Who btw, was amazing.) Instead of being aroused or flattered, she cringes and then proceeds to tell the young, hot, sexy waiter how to make a woman happy. (Yaass Queen) Sophie is a wonderful woman with perfect comedic timing, taking the audience through the show and a shirt-uplifting journey. Props to you my love, I envy your job. 

I’ve read a few criticisms on the show, sometimes I think reviewers forget to enjoy the moment and truly invest in what they’re watching. One reviewer for a very popular site/magazine said they had their pen and paper in the laps… I’m sorry, you what? With men and women stripping and dancing all over you, you’re worried about your pen and paper falling out of your lap. Use an phone. I do not have an criticisms at all.

My girls and I took a Wednesday evening show of Magic Mike (happy hump day for us) and it was certainly not a disappointment. For women of all shapes, sizes and relationship status’, this show helps boost confidence and eye-sight. The room is intimate, so wherever you sit you get a great view and experience everything the show has to offer. Table service is available through-out so you can drink the night away, if you so wish. Bright colours, flashing lights, dirty dancing, shirts removing, I’d happily watch this performance again.

The dancers are an excellent standard with bodies fit to beat the Gods, they also manage to express a kind nature, they are basically projecting a perfect man. Some even were rubbing feet of women in the audience. Myself? I was lucky enough to experience a big backed man grinding on me. (Very grateful my boyfriend is not a cave man and enjoyed my photos and videos too. We’re currently trying to learn one routine, it’s safe to say I wasn’t born to Dance.)

Living in a world of equality and feminism, I am happy that experiences like this exist where we can enjoy a body form without degrading or taking advantage of a person. I was worried as the Venue does give off a slightly, seedy vibe, being a Casino when the West End is right there. However, Tatum is trying to give us all that Vegas extravaganza, and it works.

No excuses, Ladies, lads, anyone who finds the male physique attractive, get yourself to the Magic Mike XXL Live, show.


Magic Mike three

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