Avenue Q ★★★★★

Avenue Q – Perfection, Puppetry and Porn.

Avenue Q

I first saw Avenue Q when I was in New York. On its home stage with a dear Australian friend of mine, front row seats at a time when we needed cheering up. At first we were confused (like wtf is dis) and then five minutes in we were crying with laughter. Since then I have taken my mother, my friends and my current boyfriend. Every time I have laughed as hard as the first and through their creativity, comedy and captivating puppetry I have bonded with my loved ones.

My boyfriend has not been a theatre goer in the past, this is the first musical he’s been to since he was a child and my heart exploded when we were talking on the phone and he began to sing a song from the show. Avenue Q is definitely a unique, wonderful, life-changing experience.

It is also fricking hilarious.

There is something about puppets that makes things ten times funnier, maybe it is because it takes us back to our childhood, watching programmes such as Sesame Street, and it lets us incorporate both childhood and adult experiences.

The internet is for porn. Everyone is a little bit racist. There’s a fine, fine line between a fairy-tale and lie – and, most important of all, what on Earth do you do with a BA in English? These are just a few of the songs that relate to all of us who question these things daily. This show is filled with clever lyrics, hummable tunes, joyously talented young performers and the filthiest puppet sex scene you will ever see anywhere in your life. The music and lyrics are by Robert Lopez (who co-created The Book of Mormon and co-wrote the biggest hits from Frozen) which tells you that they are to a high standard, they are memorable and incredibly witty.

Roars of laughter coming from the audience and standing, screaming ovations at the end. This show is heart-warming, up-lifting, lung-punching with laughter and a must-see.

The puppets are purposefully caricaturing, and the puppeteers are plainly visible, acting and singing alongside their characters. There is no attempt to suspend reality. And yet, somehow, the audience react with the puppets and the actors sometimes disappear. Their talent does not go unmissed, from multiple puppet characters, multiple singing in difference accents, these performers are of the highest calibre.

Trekkie Monster and The Bad Idea Bears are my favour characters, singing about Porn and joking about hanging yourself when your down is the dark humour we all have inside us being played out by fuzzy, cute little monsters. This show makes everything okay, from feeling lost after university, not knowing your purpose, losing jobs, losing loved ones, watching porn, being a bit racist and living in shitty parts of the neighbourhood.

With little trickery and no lavish sets or costumes, this show relies totally on the charms of its concept, the sharp truths of its message and the energy of its cast. Having seen the show four times, I can happily say that each time has been excellent and I cannot wait to see it again.

If you haven’t seen it, then it sucks to be you.

Especially because you won’t get that last joke.

Go see the show.

Avenye Q

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