The Case of The Frightened Lady. Who done it? Who cares? ★★


Kenwright’s Classic Thriller Company aims to continue this success with works by writers other than Christie. The company’s current offering is a staging of Edgar Wallace’s 1931 thriller The Case of the Frightened Lady. This new play hit Leeds Grand Theatre yesterday and has been hyped up with a strong-looking cast with a debut from Harry Potter’s favourite brother twin!

It will be playing at Leeds Grand Theatre until Saturday 28th of July, if you are a fan of Murder Mysteries and thrillers, please go and see it!

The Stage design is striking and strong, which is good because you’ll be staring at it for almost two hours. There is this one setting, with characters running in and out, never more than three people on at a time, and unfortunately, all the drama seems to happen off stage. On stage all the audience are left with is lots and lots of talking.

Without microphones as well, the actors seriously needed to project their voices and few fell short. The lead actress had excellent stage presence and diction and her voice travelled, she owned the stage and was a pleasure to watch. The actress who played the maid was a strong character, fun accent, good comedic timing and very believable. I was very impressed that the women characters in this show were strong and not over looked by the men. Everyone then blended and by the end I was more agitated than excited for the big unveiling of the killer, their motives and how they’d done it.

The few screams and gunshots were so loud it wasn’t necessary; the hopes in shocking the audience only woke us up. The screams and running around were poorly directed and came across as messy.

Whilst the acting was very good, the lighting very fitting and generally all aesthetics were to a high standard, the costumes were great, this piece still falls short on entertainment value.

If you want to be thrilled, wait for another show. If you want to see the stars talking on stage, go for it.


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