Leeds – Cocktails in the City review. ★★★★★

Cocktails in the City – Sparkling event in Leeds. 5 stars!★★★★★

At the weekend, Friday the first and Saturday the second of June Leeds Town Hall hosted a great event called ‘cocktails in the city’, which saw twenty bars and establishments from all over Leeds come together, put up stalls and serve some of the finest cocktails on offer. From secret speakeasies to chic rooftop bars in just a few short steps, this event celebrates the diversity and quality of Leeds thriving bar scene. Leeds Town Hall is a hub in the centre of Leeds, easy walk from the station and is home to many classical acts, comedy nights and weddings. A favourite place of mine for events, you are not allowed to climb on the giant lions proudly presented outside. (I’ve tried, but failed.)

My friend Alex and I went to check out the event, the cocktail connoisseurs we are. For some reason, I hadn’t heard of this event before and thought this was the first year it was running. These events are held in all major cities across the UK and there is one in Los Angeles (booking my flight a.s.a.p) From 6pm until midnight you can buy tokens (every cocktail is £6.50 each) and spend them however you fancy. I did my research before hand and already know that some of the cocktails cost a lot more than £6.50 to buy, so you really do get your monies worth. You are given a fancy little cocktail book, telling you which bars and what cocktails are available. There is also a little section where you can make cocktail notes – take home some secret recipes and share with your friends.

Inside the Town Hall looked amazing. Filled with colourful lights, magical stands and small seating areas, we were able to mull around, walk the room and really soak in the atmosphere. A nice, not too loud DJ was towards the back playing a different range of music genres. He looked rather dapper too, which is always a nice touch.

I enjoyed two champagne cocktails, one that had roughly thirty flowers in it and a few bubble-gum flavoured delights. The highlight for me was a cocktail from Tattu. With dry ice and fancy glass wear, this colourful cocktail made my evening. A lot of the stalls had little treats such as mini popcorn cups, chocolates and badges to wear. I went to my favourite bars and was introduced to some that I hasn’t heard of before. There is always something to explore, something new to see and learn in Leeds, making it my favourite city in the world.

Leaving roughly after two hours I was surprised at the lack of people – meaning that I thought there would be more. Probably as the evening continued more arrived. We were very eager and got there as the doors opened. This event happens every year and for a £15 entry fee that included a drink, this is an event that I will be attending again. Excellent way to explore what your city has to offer, to mingle, meet new people, make new friends and test out your cocktail knowledge. Recommend attending 100%. In Leeds, there was also food trucks outside for you to binge on, if you need a quick carb fix to carry on.

Here are two snaps of my friend Alex and I living our best lives.




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