Big Fish – Big Fan. ★★★★★


At the weekend I was lucky enough to see Kelsey Grammer’s stunning, heart-felt performance as Edward Bloom in Big Fish the Musical, which is being shown at the Other Palace Theatre, until December 31st 2017. If you still need to buy Christmas Presents, this would be a great idea. The story line does have a drama and saddening turn, but it is still a great show for children.

Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace, this story takes the characters and audience on a life-affirming journey, that will have both you laughing and crying. Big Fish was also made into a classic film by Tim Burton, who is know for his wacky, dark stories and design, and this production is just as vibrant and vivacious as Burton’s works can be.

I have read a lot of reviews on this show, with critics giving it 2/3 out of 5 stars, and personally, I think they like the sound of their own negative voice, because for me, this is show to be celebrated. Not one person in the audience looked like they were having a bad time, I even saw grown men crying. The stage maybe small, but some theatre spaces are, and what they were able to achieve is commendable. The Theatre is meant to entertain, therefore, if you’re entertained, what’s the problem?

Performed on a small-ish stage, (no big deal) the costumes, lighting and clever use of props managed to take the audience into different, imaginative worlds, again and again. The whole performance was fluid and I’d dare as to say flawless, because there isn’t anything I can think of that they could have done to make it better!

The music and lyrics are beautiful, with some real hard-hitting moments, the music didn’t take away anything from the story, they only enforced the emotions of the characters on stage. My favourite song being “A little lamb from Alabama” – this was a brilliantly funny scene, it had my friends and I dancing and trying to sing along, and about 3 hours after the show, I was still singing it.

What I have to give credit to are the actors. Without them and their enthusiasm, this show would not work. Kelsey Grammer is a delight to watch on stage, and his attention to detail and facial expressions through-out are fascinating to watch. He develops the character through the piece, and like his son, you feel as if you’re learning about him, and you want to know his stories. Grammer is known for his love for theatre and performing, therefore I am so happy I was able to see him live, in the flesh, giving it all he has got.

A few of the actors have multiple roles/characters, and credit to them, to a lot of people, seeing the same actor as two different characters can break the story, and break the wall but in here, they played and portrayed them with such distinctive differences, such as body language and tone of voice, that it only added to the performance. Forbes Masson, did an excellent job, he was incredibly entertaining, through-out!

What I really felt, whether its true or not, this cast must have a bloody good time on and off stage. They all gave the feeling that they love what they do and they want to entertain.

Fantastic performance, a must-see from me.

I unfortunately, didn’t stage-door stalk and get a photo. I had another show to run to!


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