★★★★★ Beautiful the Carole King Musical, outstanding start to their UK tour.


It’s always incredibly exciting when you see your friends succeeding, especially when you know how hard they try and the countless effort they put into their craft/performance. My friend Matt Mills, who is currently playing one of The Drifters in Beautiful the Carole King Musical, has a fantastic voice and the moves to match, so when I saw him announce he was going to be in this show, I was quick to book my tickets.

Beautiful is a Broadway/West End hit, that has just embarked it’s why on its UK tour, starting in beautiful Bradford and will be performing until June 2018, possibly longer, so there is plenty of time to grab some tickets and see this show, but don’t wait. I ended up in the Balcony because tickets sell out fast! Already, this tour has received numerous 5-star reviews and standing ovations, which is well deserved.


I did not know what to expect from this show, as I hadn’t done any research before, and regrettably and I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t know who Carole King was (I’m sorry-she’s wonderful) If I’m being honest, I thought it was going to be a sad story with a lot of country music, maybe some swing, and I wasn’t exactly fussed about seeing it. However, I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised when these hit, swinging songs were thrown in my face and they had me singing and dancing in my seat!

The story surrounds Carole King and her path to success, the story-line isn’t complicated, it’s a clear journey with love, laughter and tears. Some heartfelt moments really show where her lyrics and song writing came from and through-out this performance you want her to succeed.


The vocals from each performer were at the highest standard – this show includes a great range of music, show-casing a lot of talent. It is also an eye-opener to how the music industry used to work and how it has changed over the years. The acting shouldn’t be over-looked because it is a musical, each character has their own specific characteristics and accents which makes them memorable for the audience. The acting talent was again, at a high standard, and the comedy was well handled and had the audience laughing. Credit to the writers for creating a timeless script that can entertain audiences of all ages. The set design takes advantage of the full space that a theatre


stage can use and creates some wonderful layers and dimensions in the piece. The costumes reflect the characters and help set the pace and tone – everything in this show is well-thought out and, for me, has created a flawless piece of theatre.

Luckily, I caught Matt after the show and have drinks with him and some of the cast. It was great to hear their stories and share their love and enthusiasm for this show.


I wish them all the best on their UK tour. I know when they come back round to Leeds next year I will be booking tickets. This is certainly a show you shouldn’t miss out on.

romey freakHere’s a picture of me being the stalker #1 Fan I am with my programme with Matt’s Picture.

Love you, bro, bruh, brah, brudda, brother, pal.

Ebony and Ivory.

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