★★★★★ Harry Potter Film Concert Series, Review.

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”

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As soon as my friends and I got home from seeing this live, we booked our tickets for the second film screening in April 2018. That is how phenomenal this experience is.

The Harry Potter Film’s in concert is magically making its way around the UK, so I highly recommend you get yourself some tickets. The tour features a live symphony orchestra performing every note from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, whilst the film plays on a rather large screen. It is worth every penny you spend, especially because you are able to experience a live orchestra perform John Williams’ unforgettable score.

I was lucky enough to see this performance at the Royal Albert Hall, which I have not been to before, and the atmosphere was incredible. I almost cried. The cheer for the actors names through the ending credits was outstanding, especially for some of the late actors, such as John Hurt and Alan Rickman.

To me, Harry Potter fans are like a family, distant relatives that come together once in a while. It is great to feel the enthusiasm and appreciation in the air, and even though the audience have probably seen the film multiple times over the years, the live orchestra had them in awe. It creates a new dimension to the film experience, mixing the film and theatre experience together and it works. It works so well. Suitable for anyone. At times I completely forgot the Orchestra were there – because they performed so well, obviously, they were in perfect sync with the film.

Justin Freer, the producer/conductor of the series creates a positive, entertaining atmosphere, encouraging the audience to cheer for their favourite characters and scenes, and of course boo and hiss whenever Voldy or a Slytherin comes on-screen. This brought a sense of fun and community to the audience, whilst we were being taken back to re-live a beloved film.

CineConcerts, founded by Freer, is one of the leading producers of live music events and I am friggin’ hoping that they continue with Harry Potter series each year – because that will take me into my 30’s seeing a Harry Potter Film in Concert, and it might make turning 30 less depressing.. maybe. My friends and I have a pact going that wherever we are in the world, we have to come back to London for this performance. We’re so cute that way.

Regardless if you’re a fan or not, you will know someone who is, so please go an experience this once-in-a-lifetime, cultural, phenomena.

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