★★★★★ An American in Paris, Theatre Review.

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An American in Paris, in London and I love it. This show is a feel-good, romantic, all-singing, all-dancing triumph for the stage.

This new musical is based on the wonderful, hit film starring the fabulous Gene Kelly and had just been extended on London’s West End until January 2018, so there is plenty of time to get tickets to see this show. It has already acclaimed 28 five-star reviews (29 including mine now, hehe) and won 4 Tony awards on Broadway, therefore you know you’re getting a good show before you purchase tickets.

I love the creativity that surrounds the theatre and after a dreadful attempt to bring the classic Hollywood musical to the modern screen (a film that concerns a couple trying to pursue their love interest and dreams, in a suit and yellow dress) I was incredibly excited to see what the stage could do. Boys and Girls and all genders, it did not disappoint. I was swept away into a world of love, dreaming and romance that made me want to throw myself into the arms of someone… anyone… but I would have seriously hurt them, so I stopped myself. I’m not an elegant, little ballet dancer. (*cries*)

The musical score is delightful to the ears, a perfect combination between slow and moving harmonies to racy, upbeat solo numbers, showing off the performers and writers talents.

The dancing is incredible. The audience are thrilled with some jazzy, tap numbers and then humbled by intimate ballet routines. The intensity in the actors/dancers performances create a powerful display leaving audience in awe.

The set design is modern, creative and colourful. There are no long pauses removing set,the scene changes have a fluid motion, not distracting for the audience. (Always very important to me.)

All in all, this new musical is setting a very high-standard for other musicals. My friends and I were impressed and basically sang and danced our way out of the theatre, but we had to stop because of, you know, London traffic almost killing us.

If you’re in the mood for some romantic, entertainment, go and see An American in Paris.

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