★★★★★ Don Juan in Soho, Theatre Review.


This radical new take on Moliére’s tragicomedy ‘Don Juan’, Don Juan in Soho, is lighting up London’s West End. With daring dialogue, dramatic tension and a devilish sex drive, I dare everyone to go be seduced by David Tennant and crew.

Written and directed by Patrick Marber, Don Juan in Soho will be running at the WYNDHAM’S THEATRE until June 10th 2017. Audiences have almost one month to see this show and if you can score tickets, I highly recommend that you do.

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of humour I was experiencing. The new dialogue was shocking and jaw-dropping and with some brutally, bashful blowjob scenes, I’m not surprised this show is for ages 16+.

David Tennant and Adrian Scarborough have brilliant comedic timing both separate and together, which had the audience roaring. Together they are the geek and the jock in high-school both loving and hating one another, which creates a beautiful friendship.

David’s performance is flawless – for a geeky, tall, skinny guy he has endless charm and charisma. At the stage door, there were floods of fans waiting for an autograph, including myself. My best friend managed to get an autograph whilst I got some awful photos, like an immature stalker. He only signs merchandise from the performance, so any Dr.Who fans out there, get out of the way, please and thank you.

The set and design are classy, the costumes are creatively crazy and the sound and video designs add different dimensions to this piece. Keeping the pace upbeat and alive.

This amazing piece of theatre has a few dramatic monologues which speak out to a generation thriving for lust, love and attention – no different that Don Juan himself. They show quality of acting and writing and gives the show its tragic reality of being someone who always gets what he wants (or does he?)

If you can see this performance, please do, it’ll entertain you on so many levels.

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