★★★★★ Casanova, a Memorising, Modern Masterpiece.



Casanova by Kenneth Tindell, performed by Northern Ballet, has begun its UK tour with the world premiere starting at Leeds Grand Theatre and will be on tour until May 2017.

The story of Casanova is about a notorious womanizer, who when attempting to charm an indifferent woman, falls in love. He is a damaged writer, wanting someone to take his work seriously. The story is filled with sex, lust, love, hate, violence, secret identities, misunderstandings and drama.

This show is a beautiful blend between the classic and the contemporary, and a definite must-see. If you have the chance to see Casanova on its UK tour, please do. The audience, including myself, gave a roaring, standing ovation for this sexual, radical, romantic and tragic performance.

The ballet is known for its polished, perfected performances and Casanova does not disappoint. Their ability to tell a story through dancing, through visuals, without making a sound is extraordinary.

The dancing is to the highest standard. The scenes where Casanova is making love/having sex are vigorous but it does not lose that delicate ballet aspect. With repeated movements, this contemporary style creates a fast paced, heart-racing atmosphere and at times, it made me feel a bit flustered. There a nice bottom to watch out for. (winks and drools) The dynamic movements display Casanova’s desires and conflicts within himself. His depression, his insecurity and his need for validation which leads to a very powerful ending.

The clever use of props being on wheels to roll around the stage makes them appear as if they are dancing and they made use of the stage well – showing the depth of the stage.

The costumes were sublime. Christopher Oram, the set and costume designer, is an incredibly talented human being with a keen and dramatic eye. With an array of colours and styles, every outfit popped and captured my eyes – this then makes the audience study the human figure which is a brilliant device for Casanova as it is about creative and sexual energy. At the beginning, I felt as if I were in the game Assassins Creed, I was then taken though monasteries, kingdoms and fancy, yet sordid, brothels and the costumes allowed the imagination to expand and explore what they interpret where and how the story is taking place. Both the set and the costumes ooze 18th century decadence and take your breath away.

Amongst all the visuals, this performance is accompanied by Kerry Muzzey’s firm, cinematic score which has incredible power creating the emotion and atmosphere.

With such a sexual, powerful story, Northern Ballet have put together a fabulous, intense performance. It is truly eye-catching and will have your heart racing and give you an emotional, unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring performance.

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